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29 MAYO 2020

"Dreaming of Solar Self-Consumption Systems"

Dreaming of Solar Self-Consumption Systems
OP-ED ARTICLE - UNIVERGY SOLAR | By Ginés Martínez, vice president of Univergy Solar  

The first solar self-consumption system that I saw in my life was in the year 2002, a palindromic number, which was the year that I started studying engineering, in a subject called electronic technology, and at that moment I realized that I wanted to work in this sector.

This was a 100 kW solar power system located on the roof of the Institute of Regional Development of Albacete (IDR by its acronym in Spanish). This institute was equipped with computers from that day and age, 18 years ago, which were used for making continuous calculations, and therefore, it was crucial to have an ongoing supply of energy; and to this end they installed a solar-powered battery system.

At a later date, before finishing my studies, I was doing internships and working in a company engaged in making solar farms. Already at that time, it was a dream to think that solar energy could be installed independently without subsidies, well, that day has arrived, solar power for self-consumption no longer needs subsidies.

Imagine having a fuel-free, virtually maintenance-free power generating machine; to evaluate the price of this energy you would only need to study the payback time, that is, how many years it would take to recover the investment, because the real cost of that energy is zero. This is how solar self-consumption operates, and in addition, at Univergy Solar we give you the opportunity to finance the investment, so that you only pay for what you save, or even have some extra euro on hand once the investment is paid off.

A house that consumes €150 in electricity every month, will only pay €90 per month on average after installing solar panels. If these facilities are financed, you will pay 50 euros a month for 7 years for example. After these 7 years have elapsed, the investment will have generated 10 euros per month, amounting to €120 per year and reaching a total of €840. But this is not the most important fact, the best thing is that from the time your facilities are paid for, that is, at the end of the 7 years, by having solar self-consumption installed your will save at least around 60 euros per month until the 25th year, which amounts to €720 in savings per year. This means paid holidays, that is, you will save €12,960 and even more.

To summarize, solar self-consumption translates into savings from day one; this was unthinkable 18 years ago, or 10 years ago, but today it is a reality. Having a solar self-consumption systems means saving for your summer vacation, to be a little more independent, to get money without doing anything, because by saving you will have extra money in your account at the end of the month to do whatever you wish.

What was a dream, today has become a reality, thanks to the innovation and improvement in technology that Univergy Solar has been implementing for years.

Every month when you receive the light bill, you are throwing money away, money which can become yours; every day that goes by without having your own solar self-consumption facilities, you are wasting money, overspending, giving money away to the electric company, which could be yours, money you could use for those special holidays you always wanted to take, or to buy the TV you have always wanted, or simply to save for when you get older; do not miss this opportunity, install the SOLAR SELF-CONSUMPTION SYSTEM NOW WITH UNIVERGY!

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