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Special electricity rates for solar power systems

Special electricity rates for self-consumption with compensation of surpluses

Many people are unaware of the regulations associated with solar power facilities. One of these regulations is related to special electricity rates for cases involving compensation for surplus electricity.

In this way, if you have a solar power system that generates energy surpluses and you want to benefit from it, you need to contract an electricity rate that allows you to do so.

In this case, only special electricity rates are available, there are no water or natural gas rates related to these types of facilities, since what is generated and put back into the grid is electricity.

What is simplified compensation or surplus compensation?

Simplified compensation for energy surpluses is the procedure by which we can sell the excess electricity generated by our power system automatically, easily and free of charge. The selling price of this surplus is usually around 0,05 euros per kilowatt hour. In addition, the total price per month of this surplus cannot exceed our payment for the energy we consume from the power grid.

Surplus compensation for a solar panel system is carried out on a monthly basis. This sale allows us to save between 60% and 75% of the total price of our electricity bill, depending on the hours of consumption and the amount of surplus electricity generated per day.

It must be kept in mind that such compensation is not a net balance in which the electricity used is compensated, instead of the price we pay for it. Therefore, since the sales price is lower than the purchase price, it would be necessary to sell twice the energy we use to reduce our electricity bill.

The electricity bill would be as follows:

Table of special rates for self-consumption with surpluses

With regard to taxes, VAT is applied on the sum, excluding compensation.

How can I sell surplus electricity?

Royal Decree 244/2019 on self-consumption systems allowed compensation for surplus energy from solar power systems. Thanks to this, surplus energy can be sold to our power company without the complication of having to register as an electricity producer, make quarterly settlements, and pay the energy generation tax.

In order for us to sell the surplus, we must have a solar power system connected to the power grid and have an authorized contracted electricity rate that allows the sale of surplus energy. This allows us to buy and sell electricity at any time of the day, without any extra charge and in a totally safe way.

In the case of homeowners associations and shared solar power systems, the users involved must agree in advance on the distribution of energy among the different houses, where each one will be able to manage their surpluses individually, and sell the surpluses of each house to a different power company.

Requirements to sell the electricity from our solar panels

The sale of surplus solar power has become the most efficient energy model for any type of house connected to the power grid. This modality makes it possible to reduce the time for paying off the facilities between five and seven years.

Conditions to receive compensation for surpluses:

  • The power of our solar panel facilities cannot exceed 100kW
  • The facilities cannot benefit from an additional remuneration scheme
  • The facilities must have a two-way meter installed to record the power balance that is consumed from the power grid.
  • The house must be connected to the grid and have a contracted electricity rate.
  • If we do not have a rate that allows the sale of surpluses, all we have to do is change our rate and start enjoying the sale of our surplus energy free of charge.

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