7 OCTUBRE 2020

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The importance of green hydrogen

Foto de una manguera dispensadora de hidrógeno verde

Green hydrogen involves the generation of energy through electrolysis by way of a combustion process that does not generate any kind of hazardous waste for the environment, thus making “hydrogen” “green”.

A few months ago, we explained in an old post on our blog the importance of hydrogen for the renewable energy sector and again, this has been the cover of many of the main Spanish media because of the huge investment that the government is going to make to develop this industry.

Green hydrogen will play a key role in the national decarbonization plan, considering that it will require an investment of almost 9 billion euros for the start-up of green hydrogen projects (renewable hydrogen), thus making it possible to reduce an equivalent of 4.6 million tons of CO2.

How is green hydrogen produced?

As we mentioned earlier in the first paragraph of this post, renewable hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, decomposing water molecules into oxygen without generating any harmful gas in the process. For this reason, it is important for the water to contain components, such as mineral salts, which help for the proper conduction of electricity. The electrodes are entered in this way, generating direct current and obtaining the decomposition of the water molecules by cleanly separating hydrogen and oxygen.

What can green hydrogen be used for?

In our post on The Role of Hydrogen in Renewable Energies we explained the importance and use of this type of element for energy storage, but in addition, the use of this element is currently almost fully developed and prepared for electric combustion vehicles based on renewable energy.

Why is it considered a source of renewable energy?

Because, in addition to the fact that its generation does not produce any kind of harmful emission for the environment, green hydrogen, when burned, only produces water vapor.

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