14 ENERO 2021

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Tips for increasing sustainability in the home

Tips for increasing sustainability in the home

Caring for our planet is everyone’s responsibility and must start from below, i.e., from people’s homes. This is where the importance of sustainable homes comes into play.

One of the most important aspects of sustainability is the reduction of energy consumption at household level. The cost of kilowatt hours in our country continues to increase, so reducing consumption will have a double benefit: Reduce pollution and light bills.

Throughout this article we will see a series of tips for increasing household sustainability.

  • Proper insulation of the roof, walls and floor: This is very important if you are living on the ground floor or in a single-family home, not on a second floor or above, since the heat dissipates through the floor. In relation to wall insulation, the best option is to use drywall systems based on plasterboard panels, injection of insulating foam or rubber coatings. In the case of windows, the best option is to have them sealed so that there are no air flows and install double glazing. 
  • Replace old lightbulbs with LEDs: Although the cost is higher than traditional bulbs, they are 80% lower in consumption, thus making this a great investment.
  • Place spray nozzles on the taps: With these kinds of taps we can save up to 50% water when you open the tap.  These systems are devices screwed to the tap end, they look like a normal water filter, with the same pressure, however, the water comes out mixed with air.
  • The more efficient appliances are, the better: Starting this year, a new energy efficiency label has been launched, which must be displayed on the different household appliances, in which case, the higher the efficiency of an appliance, the lower its consumption.
  • In the bathroom, invest in a double-flush toilet: With these toilets we can reduce consumption by pulling the chain only 50%.
  • Improve waste management in your home: Properly recycling the different materials and waste in a home is not complicated and greatly reduces household pollution.
  • Install Renewable Energy Systems: As we said at the beginning, the cost of kilowatt hours is increasing in our country. This fact, coupled with the need to reduce pollution, places renewable energy systems as the best solution.

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