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05 DIC 2019

Univergy International develops 220MW in Poland

  • Univergy International creates its subsidiary Univergy Polska in the town of Sopot

Madrid, Sopot (Polska), December 4th, 2019.

The Spanish-Japanese company Univergy International has created a new European subsidiary in the town of Sopot in Poland (Univergy Polska SP) in order to develop five photovoltaic solar energy plants projects in the regions of Czarne, Leczyce, Wagrowiec, Kiszkowo and Kesowo, with up to 220 MW of power. Ignacio Blanco, President and CEO of UNIVERGY International, said that “we launch the development of 220 MW with the entry of Univergy in Poland, and, once again, the expectation of an European development of the company is fulfilleds, for it will be the sixth country in the EU where a new journey begins.”   

Besides Spain, Univergy has photovoltaic solar energy projects in Poland, Portugal, France, the Netherlands and Italy, where it has generated developments for more than 1 GW of power. With the new awarding, Univergy consolidates as uno of the leading developers in the UE market.

About Univergy 

UNIVERGY International is a Spanish-Japanese company based in Tokyo and Madrid and specialized in the development of large-scale renewable energies projects with an international presence in more than 20 countries in the world. It has a extensive know-how of more than 20 years in the development of energy generation from renewable sources, with a portfolio of projects under development exceeding 4 GW.


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