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18 FEB 2020

Univergy Solar's success at Genera 2020 with photovoltaic self-consumption

Univergy Solar at Genera

The major success story of the fair was photovoltaic self-consumption, as a way to make citizens aware that a sustainable planet is possible and also economical.

On February 5th, 6th and 7th, Univergy Solar participated as an exhibitor, in the best renewable energy fair in Spain, at IFEMA, designed as a meeting between suppliers, distributors, engineering companies and customers. Now in its 23rd year, the doors opened with a record participation increase of 80%, with 241 companies in attendance.

Advantages of photovoltaic self-consumption.

With an installation of photovoltaic self-consumption, both in homes and businesses, it is possible to save more than 50% on your electricity bill by favouring the consumption of renewable energy and reducing pollution to the environment.

Univergy Solar, with its wind and solar energy installations, has managed to prevent the discharge of more than 5 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, the importance of which was presented at Genera 2020 along with its photovoltaic self-consumption projects.

The work of our technical and commercial team at the fair has paid off and Univergy Solar has expanded its portfolio of suppliers and collaborators with diverse companies specialising in renewable energy, thus promoting the possibility of agreements in the future.  

Our participation in the fair is extremely important for Univergy Solar since we believe in the human potential to improve the environment and in the collaboration between professionals of the sector to make Spain a pioneer in this type of renewable energy. 

We must take advantage of the unlimited resource nature gives us, and turn it into our source of life and stop releasing harmful pollution in return.

Are you interested in a photovoltaic self-consumption installation for your own home or business?

Contact us for a quote, with a completely free feasibility study, at autoconsumo@univergysolar.com and we will be happy to advise you.


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